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Unexpected and Mysterious

Unexpected and Mysterious

1 Unexpected and mysterious

is the gentle word of grace.

Everloving and sustaining

is the peace of God’s embrace.

If we falter in our courage

and we doubt what we have known,

God is faithful to console us

as a mother tends her own.

2 In a momentary meeting

of eternity and time,

Mary learned that she would carry

both the mortal and divine.

Then she learned of God’s compassion,

of Elizabeth’s great joy,

and she ran to greet the woman

who would recognize her boy.

3 We are called to ponder myst’ry

and await the coming Christ,

to embody God’s compassion

for each fragile human life.

God is with us in our longing

to bring healing to the earth,

while we watch with joy and wonder

for the promised Savior’s birth.