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Eat This Bread, Drink This Cup

Eat This Bread, Drink This Cup

Eat this bread, drink this cup.
Taste and see the goodness of God.
Bread of life, cup of love,
we rejoice in your presence.

1 I will bless the Lord at all times,
praise with heart and voice;
in my God I glory forever:
listen and rejoice! Refrain

2 Look upon the Lord, be radiant,
never turn away.
God will save in ev’ry affliction,
hear us when we pray. Refrain

3 Angels fold their wings around us,
guard through good and ill.
Those who seek the Lord will lack nothing;
taste, and have your fill. Refrain

4 Saints of God, bow down and worship,
bless the holy name.
Rise to tell God’s greatness forever,
wondrous deeds proclaim! Refrain