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We Are Baptized in Christ Jesus

We Are Baptized in Christ Jesus

1 We are baptized in Christ Jesus,
we are baptized in his death;
that as Christ is raised victorious,
we might live a brand new life.
And if we have been united
in a dreadful death like his,
we will all be reunited, for he lives.

2 In the water and the witness,
in the breaking of the bread,
in the waiting arms of Jesus
who is risen from the dead,
God has made a new beginning
from the ashes of our past;
in the losing and the winning we hold fast.

3 Glory be to God the Father,
glory be to Christ the Son,
glory to the Holy Spirit,
ever three and ever one;
as it was in the beginning,
glory now resounds again
in a song that has no ending. Amen

Baptized and Set Free

Baptized and Set Free

1 We are people created,
chosen by God.
Then we’re washed, ever gently,
in mercy and love.
Sin has power no more.
Jesus opened the door
to a fountain bringing healing,
and wholeness and more.

2 We are fed and we’re nourished,
filled and refreshed.
Then our hunger returns and
again we are blessed.
For whatever the need,
God is greater indeed:
endless ocean, always deeper
than all of our need.

3 We are nourished by water,
all living things,
and by life that the Spirit
abundantly brings.
As we journey toward home,
may your presence be known:
precious river, ever-flowing,
now carry us home.

4 Now with praise and thanksgiving,
we join the song.
All are welcome! We gather
to sing loud and strong.
Not enslaved, but set free!
From now on, all will be
one in Jesus, one in water,
baptized and set free!

Baptized in Water

Baptized in Water

1 Baptized in water, sealed by the Spirit,
cleansed by the blood of Christ our king:
heirs of salvation, trusting his promise,
faithfully now God’s praise we sing.

2 Baptized in water, sealed by the Spirit,
dead in the tomb with Christ our king:
one with his rising, freed and forgiven,
thankfully now God’s praise we sing.

3 Baptized in water, sealed by the Spirit,
marked with the sign of Christ our king:
born of the Spirit, we are God’s children;
joyfully now God’s praise we sing.