In the Bleak Midwinter

1      In the bleak midwinter,

        frosty wind made moan,

        earth stood hard as iron,

        water like a stone;

        snow had fallen, snow on snow,

        snow on snow,

        in the bleak midwinter,

        long ago.

2      Heaven cannot hold him,

        nor earth sustain;

        heav’n and earth shall flee away

        when he comes to reign;

        in the bleak midwinter

        a stable place sufficed

        the Lord God almighty,

        Jesus Christ.

3      What can I give him,

        poor as I am?

        If I were a shepherd

        I would bring a lamb;

        if I were a wise man

        I would do my part;

        yet what I can I give him—

        give my heart.

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