Here, O Lord, Your Servants Gather

Here, O Lord, Your Servants Gather
1. Here, O Lord, Your servants gather,
Hand we link with hand;
Looking toward our Savior’s cross,
Joined in love we stand.
As we seek the realm of God,
We unite to pray:
Jesus, Savior, guide our steps,
For You are the Way.

2. Many are the tongues we speak,
Scattered are the lands,
Yet our hearts are one in God,
One in love’s demands.
E’en in darkness hope appears,
Calling age and youth:
Jesus, teacher, dwell with us,
For You are the Truth.

3. Nature’s secrets open wide,
Changes never cease;
Where, O where, can weary souls
Find the source of peace?
Unto all those sore distressed,
Torn by endless strife:
Jesus, healer, bring Your balm,
For You are the Life.

4. Grant, O God, an age renewed,
Filled with deathless love;
Help us as we work and pray,
Send us from above
Truth and courage, faith and power
Needed in our strife:
Jesus, Savior, be our way,
Be our truth, our life.

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