When the Poor Ones

When the Poor Ones

1 When the poor ones, who have nothing, still are giving;
when the thirsty pass the cup, water to share;
when the wounded offer others strength and healing:

We see God, here by our side, walking our way;
we see God, here by our side, walking our way.

2 When compassion gives the suff’ring consolation;
when expecting brings to birth hope that was lost;
when we choose love, not the hatred
all around us: Refrain

3 When our spirits, like a chalice, brim with gladness;
when our voices, full and clear, sing out the truth;
when our longings, free from envy, seek the humble: Refrain

4 When the goodness poured from heaven
fills our dwellings;
when the nations work to change war into peace;
when the stranger is accepted as our neighbor: Refrain

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