O God of Mercy, God of Light

O God of Mercy, God of Light

1 O God of mercy, God of light,
in love and mercy infinite,
teach us, as ever in your sight,
to live our lives in you.

2 You sent your Son to die for all,
that our lost world might hear your call;
oh, hear us lest we stray and fall!
We rest our hope in you.

3 Teach us the lesson Jesus taught:
to feel for those his blood has bought,
that ev’ry deed and word and thought
may work a work for you.

4 For all are kindred, far and wide,
since Jesus Christ for all has died;
grant us the will, and grace provide,
to love them all in you.

5 In sickness, sorrow, want, or care,
may we each other’s burdens share;
may we, where help is needed, there
give help as though to you.

6 And may your Holy Spirit move
all those who live to live in love,
till you receive in heav’n above
all those who live in you.

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